Originally designed and manufactured in Switzerland by SISTAG, the wey® valve has become synonymous with high quality and reliability.

Built under licence in the UK between 1966 and 1998 by “The Reiss Engineering Company Ltd” the wey® valve became widely used in the paper, power, chemical, pharmaceutical, water, food and mineral processing industries and was often referred to simply as the “Reiss valve” or the “Reiss Wey valve”.

With manufacturing of the wey® valve in the UK ceasing in 1998, Swiss Valve Supply Ltd was set up, with the full cooperation of SISTAG, as the sole UK distributor to service those customers requiring a knife gate valve for arduous duties or needing spares for their existing Reiss wey® valves.

In May 2012 Sistag re-launched their New wey® identity. The inclusion of the Swiss Cross in the New wey® branding reflects the high quality that is associated with our Swiss designed and manufactured products.